North Park Fair

August 14th & 15th and Sept 8th-12th, 2021

Digital Fairbook

Check out our digital version of the Fairbook.

Shooting Sports

The North Park Fair shooting sports shoot was held on August 14th, 2021. Kids has a great time and a successful year. Check out the results.

Horse Show

The North Park Fair Horse Show was held on August 15th, 2021. The kids had a great time. Check out the results.

Livestock Shows

See livestock show results

Pen Show

See pen show rules and results

Schedule of Events

Here is a list of the schedule of events for the North Park Fair

2021 North Park Fairboard

President- Faith Anderson
Vice President- Samantha Martin
Secretary/Treasurer- Christy Utley
Board Members:
Quinten Harper
Laurie Schmidt
Heather Elze
Bryce Russell
Bill Boatman
Bailey VanValkenburg
Alyssa Corkle
Sale Committee Chairman- Clint Harvat

Dog Shows

See dog show results

Home Arts

Check out the home arts pics and rules.

Hay Contest

See the Hay contest rules and results

History of the North Park Fair and Jackson County Fairgrounds, taken from the book ” A Tough 100 Years”, by Oley Kohlman, written by Lloyd Hampton, Jerelin Wattenberg and Oley Kohlman

One of the first fair or rodeo grounds was established about where the Jackson County Shop now stands. Later, a race track and rodeo grounds were built on the Riggen Field, one-half mile south of Walden. Sometime in the twenties, a rodeo ground was built on the hill north of town.

July 10, 1948 was the first fair. The first fair committee was made up of Dr. A.G. Keithly- chairman, Kenneth Carlstrom, Elmer Wattenberg, John Mallon, Carl Hanson, Victor Carlstrom, Lloyd Hampton, Victor Hanson Jr., Pete Chedsey and Clayton Rich Jr., Jack Dickens Jr. and “Doc” Blevins.

In the year 1952 the name of the fair was changed from the Jackson County Fair to the North Park Fair.

Saturday September 14, 1957 was the first 4-H steer sale. Six steers were auctioneed. David Meyring sold his 1st Place Steer to the North Park State Bank for $42.50 per hundred weight.

In 1960 the Fair was postponed due to snow and blizzard.

In 1966 electricity was installed at the Fairgrounds.

September 14-15, 1968, this was the first two day Fair.

1969 was the first fair Sponsored only by the North Park Stockgrowers, as the Woolgrowers has become inactive.

The year 1972 was the first time that swine were listed in the Fair Book.

September 8-10, 1978 was the first three day Fair.

First notice of the carcass contest- September 12, 1979 at Pierce Pack in Pierce Colorado.

Carcass Contest was moved to Big Country Meats in Craig, Colorado in 1983.

In 1984 Shooting Sports were added to the Fair schedule.

In 1987 the Carcass Contest was moved to Mountain Meat Packing in Craig, Colorado.

September 1988 was the 40th Anniversary of the North Park Fair. The Fair was dedicated to THE PEOPLE OF NORTH PARK.

September 8-10, 1989 was the first year that Mini 4-H was mentioned.

September 7-9, 1990 was the last year the Junior Livestock Sale and BBQ were held at the Jackson County Shop. The Baled Hay Contest was added this year.

September 6-8, 1991, this was the first year that the Fair was held in the New Jerelin Wattenberg Center, although it was not finished. There were no lights in the arena where the barbecue and livestock sale were to be held. Greg Ray was in charge and he was able to borrow flood lights from the Kerr Coal Mine.

September 5-7, 1992, everyone enjoyed the new facilities.

September 10-13,1998 was the 50th Anniversary of the North Park Fair. The Fair was dedicated to the North Park Stockgrowers and North Park CattleWomen.

September 9-12, 1999, it seems we now have a four-day Fair!

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